August 11, 2008

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Internal Work in progress

August 9, 2008


We are currently undergoing some internal modifications. This will take us about 2-3 days.

Check this space for latest information.

When we’ll be back, we will be even better!

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IFS – Sensex

August 9, 2008


These are the notes obtained from Prof. Manjunath. I just spoke to Vidyuth, who scanned and emailed the following information to me. I didn’t attend the IFS class today and thus I’m not really sure about what Prof. Manjunath said. What Vidyuth told me is: We have to answer the 4 questions based on the material given below. He expects a handwritten copy to be submitted to him in class on Saturday (9th August) – today.

All credit to Vidyuth for doing all the work.

Hope this is of use just as the Accounts CIA was…


  1. what is sensex?
  2. what is the methodology in calculating sensex?
  3. history of sensex
  4. what are the advantages of sensex?

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Indian Financial System – SEBI – Teacher’s Notes

August 6, 2008

SEBI Presentation

Corporate Accounts CIA 2

August 3, 2008

Accounts CIA II
Assigned on:      2nd August, 08 Saturday
Due on:               4th August, 08 Monday

Solutions prepared by
Deoreena (Solution 1) and Ravi (Solution 2).

Editors Notes: The following needs to be handwritten and submitted to Prof. Nagraj latest by monday since he has to give in our CIA marks on Tuesday. I specifically asked for permission to print the solution but he said no. He wants it handwritten. Should take you a maximum of 20 mins after you have this 🙂


The following is a summarised Balance Sheet of Priya & Co. Ltd as at 31.12.2008:



Share Capital Fixed Assets (including GW)


30,000 Equity shares @ Rs.10 each (fully paid up)




30,000 Equity shares @ Rs.10 each (fully paid up)


Book Debts


10,000 Equity shares @ Rs.5 each (fully paid up)


Cash at Bank


General Reserve


Sundry Creditors






The average profit for the last 4 years after Income Tax is Rs. 92,000; 1,06,000; 1,30,000 and 80,000.
Fair return on investment is 10%.
It is the practice of the company to transfer 20% of the profit to reserves.
Book debts include Rs. 8,000 bad debts.
Compute the value of the equity shares under:
1) Net Assets Method
2) Yield Method

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The Overture…

July 29, 2008


Welcome to the revolution. Welcome to the B.Com Notes blog. A common platform for the exchange of all the information that we can get our hands on.

To start things of, I’d like to dedicate this page to one of the most special people in my life: Shreya Bajaj. She’s my source of energy.

Fundamentally, this blog has been initiated with the intent to keep everyone in step with everything at college. A lot of our teachers use technologically advanced methods of teaching like Powerpoint presentations and Word documents and we will attempt to bring all this together in one common place so that we can all benefit from it.

Now, we all know a little bit about everything. If we could consolidate this, we would all know everything about everything. That’s what our endeavour is.

We will present to you the notes given by the teachers and also students’ perspectives on everything there is to study, for the exams in college and this will not only make it easier for you to understand and relate to the subject matter but also represent it in the best way possible, on your exam papers.

We have formed a team who will oversee the workings of this blog. This team consists of a mix of people who will handle different tasks. Everybody working here is working on an Honorary basis. For that I would like to applaud and acknowledge them. Our team consists of Amrita, Ashwin, Delicia,  Deoreena, Harsh, Kritika, Leo, Madhav, Mayuri, Mohit, Nishant, Nishreen, Pratika, Ravi, Siddharth, Sukaina, Vidyuth and me.

We also have tonnes of activities planned for this blog and trust me, stick with us and you will enjoy the ride.

I’d like to quote James Blunt here, from his album All The Lost Souls:

..And if I can’t hear the music and the audience is gone,

I’ll dance here on my own…

With best regards and a warm welcome to the revolution,

Maulik Doshi.